Saturday, May 12, 2012

rumor has it.


So the rumor mill has been spinning about why the 3 greatest people from America's Next Top Model has been axed and who are the people that can possibly replace them... Well I got information from a reliable source telling me that execs. at The CW is trying to get Bryanboy, yes you heard it correctly. It was between JustJared and Bryanboy but a source has released that JustJared wasn't all that he seemed to be.Bryanboy, the extravagantly flamboyant fashion blogger is to be part of the judges panel. For the first time EVER, viewers will be able to way in on who gets to stay and who get the boot. Bryanboy will be the poster boy for all the viewers, that is if he could get his Visa all sorted out. As for Kelly Cutrone, she lives to stay another season.


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