Tuesday, April 17, 2012

beauty essentials.

My Bathroom Essentials
i thought i'd post something other than fashion for once up in here so here it is. some of my skin and hair essentials. they're all equally amazing. i promise! my newest discovery is probably the hair product (Zen Care) and of course the b.b. cream (i'm all about it). 


- if i forget my lip balm, this is it but also is a great dryness reliever for any part of the body. the better vaseline as i call it.

- keeps me fresh and moist throughout the day. and smells so pretty!

- i can't stop raving about this bb cream! smashbox is my other favorite. but the best one in my eyes is 3Lab for sure. only if i could afford to spend that much. 

- i've used it for the past couple years, hasn't given me any problems yet!

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25
- it's a men's line but oh well. i love it, it smells minty fresh and works like magic. 

Zen Care CPT System
$103.00 $92.70
- gives me straight brazilian blowout hair without the blowout. amazing! i swear to it. my hairs pretty dead (thanks to bleach) and it feels silky soft.
Mario Badescu Skin Care body moisturizer
- seriously gets rid of any pimple. no joke.
L Occitane beauty product
- gives my body that silky, smooth finish every time. it's the best body scrub i've used so far. 

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